Visitor Comments


I work in hospice care and I fill that this exhibition has something to offer for everyone who thinks about death and dying (or would like to think about it), allowing them to see life from an entirely different perspective. Nothing is as certain as the fact that one day we all will day. Understanding the body, humans, and our finite nature makes life, too, more comprehesible...That`s what I think!
June 19, 2011, Ricki, 30 Jahre, employee at a driving service for disabled people

Having seen this exhibition that is very informative and interesting, I had to re-think and correct my previous opinion. It offers a unique possibility of studying and preserving the human body, making it available as a teaching and learning tool for students.
July 26, 2011, 42-year-ols nursing teacher at a German Red Cross educational facility in Dresden

What we were allowed to experience here today was a must-see, fascinating, and gripping journey into the world of anatomy. In particular the dissection area, where we were even allowed to "lend a hand," made an unforgettable impression on me. Keep up the good work! We definitely will recommend this exhibition and may even return for another visit ourselves.
August 27, 2011, Alexandra, 25 years, administrative clerk; Martin, 26 years, agricultural mechanic

A very interesting exhibit that allows you to get an idea of how all the organs are actually arranged inside the body. I wish we had had the opportunity of seeing something like this sooner, but even now, at age 70, we still will be taking something from it for our old age.
September 09, 2011, Erhard, 71 years, Baker; Rita, 71 years, pastry chef

The exhibition by far exceeded my expectations of many years. Not only the quality of the specimens and the fascinating method of plastination and its convincing illustration of even the finest anatomical structures were overwhelming, but the spatial concept and the appropriate treatment of this difficult subject resulted in a competent and appealing impression of the exhibition. Hats off!
December 04, 2011, Franz, 24 years; Johannes, 23 years, medical students

Simply fascinating! We were very enthusiastic about the entire exhibition. It simply wonderful what as been achieved by research and many years of hard work! It is shame that Brandenburg`s politicians are refusing to see this! This exhibition simply must be made accessible for January 21, 2012, Thomas, 18 years; Anne, 18 years; Bärbel, 47 years

A very impressive, fascinating, and extremely interesting exhibition; keep up the good work and don`t let anybody put obstacles in your path!!!
February 18, 2012, a group traveling from Weißwasser

My visit to BODY WORLDS was an interesting experience for me, and at the same time somewhat scary. Seeing the human body and its many layers makes one think, after all, more about oneself and how one treats one`s body! It was great and I can only recommend it to anyone.
March 18, 2012, Josi, 22 years, retail business manager

We, students of public health and nursing, were very much fascinated by this exhibition! We were able to learn a lot. We thank the employees in the wet dissection area for their explanations using a "living" object!
April 27, 2012, Loreen, 16 years; Anne, 20 years; Susi, 19 years; Isabell, 20 years

At first, we were very hesitant to see this exhibition. After all, who likes to deal with "visible" death? But then we overcame our inhibitions and were suprised to see so much diversity. We ended up spending almost 3 hours here. It was a very appealing and expressive exhibition! Keep it going!
August 24, 2012, Thomas, 52 years; Jutta, 56 years, from Wismar