Body Donation

The body donation is the ethical backbone of the plastination. This unique program was launched by GvH in 1982. There are more than 18.500 donators worldwide at the moment - 16.754 of them in Germany. All preparations come from people, who decreed by will, that after their death they agree with the exhibition of their bodies in Körperwelten/Body Worlds for medical education and the sale to research institutions.


The specimens originate from body donors to the Institute for Plastination, who willed their bodies for scientific research and medical education through Plastination. Without their donated bodies, neither the PLASTINARIUM nor the BODY WORLDS exhibitions could exist. Their clear visions and selfless generosity are given our utmost respect and gratitude.

"I am a body donator, because
my death is not the end and I can
support human life."

By giving your consent to donate your body for Plastination, you are not signing any sort of contract, merely a declaration of intent which you may revoke at any time at your sole discretion. No fees must be paid for a body to be donated, and the donor will not receive any money.Of course you can still donate your organs when you consent to donate your body for Plastination. Since they save or extend lives, organ donations always take priority over body donations.


"I am a body donator, because body
donation is my modest contribution
to scientific research, education and
medial confrontation for the posterity."