The gallery section shows a sampling of the BODY WORLDS of Animals exhibition first opened in 2010.

Thanks to the revolutionary technology of plastination, it has become possible to dissect and permanently preserve even the largest animals in an esthetically pleasing manner. Now, you can bear witness to this progress while visiting Guben. Currently, there are even two full-size giraffes shown in the gallery. With its long neck, the giraffe is the tallest animal on land.

In addition, there is a bone and vessel configuration of an ostrich, a slice of an elephant`s body, the inner organs of a reindeer, as well as numerous small specimens such fish, squids, crawfish, pigeon, chickens, mice, frogs, as may be used in biology classes at elementary and secondary schools. Furthermore, there are slice plastinates of a lion, a crocodile, a horse, an ostrich and even more animals.

The Exhibition BODY WORLDS of Animals is made possible with cooperation between various university veterinary programs, zoos and animal groups. No animal was harmed or killed for this exhibition.

The essential requirements in the life of an animal are quite simple. It must find food and convert it into energy, defend or protect itself, reproduce and colonize new territories. The methods with which the different animals meet these requirements within their spezial habitats are, however, extremely diverse and complex, and are determined by the anatomy of the animals.
A small impression of this diversity, we want to show you in this area.

Other animals you can see in our showroom, such as a blue shark, reindeer, yak, goat, numerous blood vessel configurations and sheet plastinates.