Last updated: July 2012



Opening Times and Prices at the PLASTINARIUM

Friday, Saturday and Sunday

from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

(last admission 4 p.m.)


 Adults:12 EUR per person
 Reduced admission*:10 EUR per person

Guided Tours

Guided tours need to be booked in advance. Guided tours take only place for groups with a minimum of 10 people. Per guided tour 70 EUR are charged in addition to the admission price. A guided tour takes approximately 2 hours. We recommend a group size of max. 20 people. For groups of less than 10 people a fixed price of 170 EUR is charged.

Group visits outside our regular opening times with or without guided tour are also possible with advanced reservation on Thursdays. (Prices on request)


* For groups of 10 people or more, children and young people (from 7 to 18 years of age), pupils, students (up to 30 years of age), trainees, persons performing compulsory military service or civil duties, pensioners, severely disabled people and unemployed people or those receiving social security benefits – reduction upon presentation of valid ID or appropriate valid document only


One of the plastinates is the expanded giraffe (2010)


Never seen specimens of animals!  Now at the PLASTINARIUM in Guben!

At this giraffe, individual body parts were expanded and artificial spaces produced to provide an insight into the relative position of bones, muscles and organs.

The heart of a giraffe is particularly powerful to pump the blood to the brain, contrary to the force of gravity.  It weights about 10 kilograms, carrying 60 litres of blood per minute and is responsible for a blood pressure three times higher as in humans.

Valves in the jugular veins regulate the blood flow to the brain and ensure that the brain does not suffer any damage when the giraffe suddenly lowers the head which in turn leads to a considerable rise in blood pressure in the cervical and cerebral vessels.

Who would have thought that a giraffe can use its 50 centimetres long purple tongue like a hand?  And even though the head is so long, a giraffe, too, has only seven cervical vertebras, just like humans.

Gunther von Hagens´Body Worlds win „Health Media Award" 2010

Heidelberg/Köln, 1st of June 2010 - „And the winner is... Body Worlds!"  Great distinction for the most successful anatomy exhibtition in the world which attracted  over 30 million visitors.

Out of more than 80 candidates, Body Worlds has been placed first in the category „scientific communication" Thus the exhibtition is honoured for the medical  education  work and the easily understandable communication of  science.

„For 20 years the inventor of plastination, Gunther von Hagens bets on the most interesting visualisation of bodies, organs, diseases as well as a modern marketing. Despite all the oppostition, he has maintained his hold on the health market and is an adviser in great demand for the new generation of doctors. Body Worlds pursues a successful communication of science according to the tradition of the anatomists of the Renaissance", says the selection committee.

„We are glad, that the plan of our  exhibitions to help people lead a more conscious and healthy life, convinced the  selection committee", says Gunther von Hagens. Curator Angelina Whalley adds: „ The award is a wonderful recognition of our work over the years and encourages us to hold on to our goals."

With the „Health Media Award" of the EEC Network and the HealthFoundation, outstanding achievements in the field of health communication are honoured.



Gunther von Hagen`s PLASTINARIUM
opens again with a new concept after renovation

Guben, 22 of April 2010 - the time has come! On May 28th, 2010 the world wide unrivaled PLASTINARIUM reopens. After extensive renovations an Anatomical Teaching Center, unique in its didactic magnitude, has been created on 3000 square meters. Meanwhile the Gubener Plastinate GmbH whose public area is the PLASTINARIUM occupies 200 employees. A good 100,000 visitors from 45 countries visited the PLASTINARIUM between November 2006 and December 2008. They contributed with their suggestions substantially to the new concept of the PLASTINARIUM as an „anatomical teaching center".

In the reopened PLASTINARIUM the democratization of anatomy becomes reality, because everyone is allowed to study and teach with real anatomical plastinates for which whole body specimens and slice plastinates, made in Guben, are particularly suitable.

The former dissection workshop has been converted into a learning workshop equipped with unique plastinated specimens, as well as well-chosen models and poster boards which offers practice-oriented training facilities and research possibilities on a high level to doctors, students, healthcare professionals and medicine-technical enterprises. An insight into the anatomical complexity of the body is also granted to the medical layman. Henceforth plastination and dissection classes supervised by MD Gunther von Hagens will be offered.

In the PLASTINARIUM one can book rooms for dissection and operation courses. Thus the PLASTINARIUM makes an important contribution to the anatomical training of healthcare professionals. As an anatomical teaching and learning center it presents itself in three areas, one after the other: The history of anatomy and preservation techniques, the training and learning workshop and finally the show space and salesroom. There the sale of silicone and slice plastinates will be possible. Sales-limited human plastinates are offered only to certified users like doctors, professors, teaching institutions, hospitals et cetera. Special use regulations have to be followed by buyers of sales-limited animal plastinates, like elephant or rhinoceros. The price of a plastinate or perfect copy thereof lies between 80 and 15,000 Euros. A human lower leg slice costs 80 Euros, a head slice up to 1,500 Euros and a frontal whole body slice about 11,000 Euros. Besides that body glass slices of horse hooves (125 Euros), elephants, giraffes and other animals are offered.