The PLASTINARIUM-What is it?

In November 2006, the physician and inventor Gunther von Hagens inaugurated the PLASTINARIUM in Guben/Brandenburg, which is the only one of its kind worldwide. The PLASTINARIUM combines the moving experience of seeing a BODY WORLDS Exhibition with an opportunity to witness firsthand, and see some practically steps of Plastination. Located in Guben, to 3,000 sq.m. exhibition space, housed in a former cloth factory that has been renovated and equipped with the latest machinery and set up as a fully operational Plastination laboratory. This facility is designed to present visitors with comprehensive insights into the Plastination processes and various dissection techniques. Before the eyes of visitors, small and large anatomical specimens are created with state of the art technology. They are used for the training of physicians and education of medical professionals and laypeople alike.


The tour will take you through four sections:

  • History of anatomy, preservation techniques and development of Plastination
  • Teaching workshop - with stations of the individual body systems, the Anatomical Dissection and Positioning
  • Gallery - shows a sampling of the BODY WORLDS of Animals
  • Showroom - with numerous individual and whole-body plastinates of humans and animals 

The PLASTINARIUM is the result of Gunther von Hagens`untiring efforts of 39 years in the areas of medical science, anatomy, dissection, and polymer chemistry. With his revolutionary invention of the Plastination process, Gunther von Hagens not only significantly changed the study of anatomy, but also the way the human body is viewed in our society today.

The PLASTINARIUM - Come see, experience, and learn!

The PLASTINARIUM is a modern day anatomical theater. It offers visitors unique insights into the human body and into the art of anatomical dissection and preservation.